The Digestive System & Immunity


Your digestive tract has an important relationship with your immune system, since the digestive tract is one of the mechanisms through which you’re exposed to tremendous numbers of pathogenic organisms each day. The immune system works with the digestive tract to help protect you from infection by these potential invaders. Digestive Tract- Your digestive tract extends from your mouth to ...

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Foods That Suppress Immunity


Your immune system is a network that works to keep harmful substances, such as viruses, bacteria and chemicals, from entering and triggering disease in the body. While a strong immune system lowers your risk for health problems and enhances healing once you have them, poor immune function increases your risk for illness and can slow or prevent healing. A healthy ...

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Green Tea And Immunity


Green tea is a beverage that has been consumed in Eastern cultures since ancient times for its perceived effects on health. Now consumed globally as a favored beverage, green tea is of greater scientific interest, due to its potentially positive effects on the mind and body, particularly on the immune system. By strengthening immune agents, protecting against oxidative stress that ...

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Fruits & Vegetables For Immunity


A strong immune system can reduce your chances of getting sick. You can build up your immunity when you eat the vitamins and minerals your body needs on a daily basis. The most readily available source of these vitamins and minerals is food, especially fresh fruits and vegetables. Aim to eat nine servings, or about 4 ½ cups, each day, ...

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Vitamins & Minerals For Immuntiy

vitamins_and _minerals_for_immunity

Getting enough vitamins and minerals will support your immune system to help fight off colds, flu and other illnesses. The best way to get enough immune-boosting nutrients is to eat a wide variety of vegetables. Eating an assortment of nutrient-dense foods will provide the biggest immune boost because no single nutrient can cure or prevent illness. Mix of Minerals- According ...

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Herbal Tea and Immunity


Your immune system is responsible for warding off bacterial, fungal and viral infections that cause disease and illness, such as influenza, thrush and herpes. Immune system impairment can cause a variety of symptoms including fatigue, muscle weakness, susceptibility to infection, tissue inflammation, poor wound healing and heightened allergic reactions. Certain herbal teas may help improve immune system function. However, check ...

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Ginger and Immunity


The immune system is responsible for a complex set of processes designed to protect the body from disease. At times, the immune system can become overactive and actually contribute to negative health outcomes. Ginger has been found in the scientific research to help balance the immune system to restore it to proper functioning. Ginger has also been found to enhance ...

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