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Cayenne Pepper For Immune System

Cayenne pepper or capsicum is considered a strong immune enhancer. It acts positively for the body in many ways. Cayenne pepper can even help with weight loss. Containing lots of beta carotene and Vitamin C, cayenne has incredible properties. Capsaicin, the main component of the capsicum, is an antioxidant, analgesic and anti-inflammatory substance. It keeps your body strong and healthy. There is probably no cayenne pepper substitute bringing as many benefits as the cayenne itself. Taking advantage of them is quite easy. You just have to:

Replace the black pepper you usually sprinkle on your meals with capsicum. Just keep in mind that cayenne is spicier and you shouldn’t use too much at first. It goes perfect with plenty of dishes. Another way to spice up your food with cayenne pepper is during the cooking process. Whether you are grilling, marinating, boiling, baking, frying or simply making a salad, capsicum is what would make the particular meal both interesting and health-enhancing. Don’t forget to include your “secret ingredient” in as many dishes as possible! Seasoning well is the key to your well-being. Spicy red pepper makes you sweat by raising your body’s temperature, boosting the immune system.

It is not a surprise that cayenne pepper is a wonderful addition to your herbal tea. It is not only a delicious combination, but it also boosts the immunity. The taste of the tea becomes unusual: not that sweet, but still unique and worth enjoying. For even further seasoning of the tea, add a pinch of ginger and cinnamon. Lemon juice is another beneficial choice that creates an unforgettable taste. You don’t have to be afraid of trying new things.

The traditional way to prepare a tea is not the only one. It may turn out that you liked spicing the beverage up much better. You will need 1 teaspoon of red pepper placed in a mug. Pour hot water and stir the water and cayenne until the pepper is dissolved. Optionally, you can add half a lemon and other ingredients as peeled ginger. Let the tea cool for 2 minutes, and then taste it.

Capsicum is rich in Vitamin C, being used to prevent colds and other infections, many herbalists choosing it as the most beneficial herb. The recommended dosage is ¼ to 1 teaspoon three times a day, taken with juice or water at mealtime. If you prefer capsules, take 1 capsule two to three times a day or follow the doctor’s instructions.

Taking cayenne will boost the health benefits by relieving pain and allergies, stimulating the digestive tract, reducing atherosclerosis, treating psoriasis, and helping the body producing more saliva. It is a great metabolic-booster, supports weight loss, treats cluster headaches, suppress the appetite, and it has anti-fungal, anti-irritant and anti-bacterial properties. It is recommended to wash your hands and avoid touching the eyes before taking cayenne.