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Vitamin C For Immune System


Vitamin C deficiency has been associated with frequency and duration of colds, along with immune system defects. While colds aren’t usually dangerous in themselves, they can lead to pneumonia and other respiratory diseases, especially for aging individuals. Colds can be an early indicator of gaps in immune function that could leave one vulnerable to a cascade of serious infections. A ...

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Ginger For Immune System


The immune system is responsible for a complex set of processes designed to protect the body from disease. At times, the immune system can become overactive and actually contribute to negative health outcomes. Ginger has been found in the scientific research to help balance the immune system to restore it to proper functioning. Ginger has also been found to enhance ...

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Cayenne Pepper For Immune System


Cayenne pepper or capsicum is considered a strong immune enhancer. It acts positively for the body in many ways. Cayenne pepper can even help with weight loss. Containing lots of beta carotene and Vitamin C, cayenne has incredible properties. Capsaicin, the main component of the capsicum, is an antioxidant, analgesic and anti-inflammatory substance. It keeps your body strong and healthy. ...

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Turmeric For Your Immune System


The immune system is the body’s defense mechanism to handle invaders. It is our body’s second line of defense, after physical barriers like the skin and the mucous membranes. The immune system is located throughout the body and includes the thymus gland, the spleen, bone marrow and a vast network of lymph nodes. It comprises many cells, proteins, tissues and ...

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