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Immunity Guides

Vitamins For Autoimmune Problems


An autoimmune condition results when your immune system attacks your own body. Antibodies are formed against a particular type of tissue much as though it were a bacteria or virus. This causes your system to launch an inflammatory response. There is no simple, single cause for autoimmune disorders. Sometimes an illness or a severe stress situation seems to trigger the ...

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Alcohol & Immunity


Excessive alcohol can damage the immune system because the alcohol will prevent nutrients from feeding your immune system. The alcohol is absorbed into your bloodstream through your stomach. Once in the bloodstream, alcohol will reduce the white blood cell count in the body. The lower the number of white blood cells, the more difficult it is to fight off disease. ...

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Cigarettes & Immunity


Smoking weakens the immune system by depressing antibodies and cells that are in the body to protect against foreign invaders. There is an association between smoking and the increased incidence of certain malignant diseases and respiratory infections, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI). There is also a significant decrease in immune cells that normally help the body. ...

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Herbs That Weaken Immunity


Several herbs are favored for their ability decrease immune system response. For instance, immunosuppressive herbs may work well for those taking medications for cancer, because the contrasting antioxidants could make cancer cells multiply faster. Many diuretics and laxative herb compounds are not only immunosuppressive but can also deplete stores of electrolytes like potassium, making the body more susceptible to heart ...

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Gluten & Immunity


Your immune system is a complex network responsible for fighting off harmful bacterial, viruses and chemicals. It also operates as an alarm system of sorts for developing cancers, reports the Cleveland Clinic. Celiac disease is an autoimmune condition that results in an inappropriate stimulation of the immune system when gluten is consumed. If you have gluten intolerance you may experience ...

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Dairy & Immunity


Nutrition impacts the strength of your immune system and ability to fight infections and protect your health. Dairy is a big part of the human diet, providing a rich source of protein, calcium and other nutrients. Eating fermented dairy may help you build a strong immune system. However, if you have allergies, dairy can impair your immune system. Consult your ...

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Probiotics & Immunity


Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that live in our bodies and can also be found naturally in certain foods and beverages. These living micro-organisms support normal health and help to enhance and repopulate intestinal bacteria, balancing gut flora and boosting immunity. Probiotics are beneficial to overall health and gastrointestinal health especially. “Pro” and “biota” literally translates to “for life.” Functions of ...

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